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I don’t wait you congratulate me,but…maybe…someone…

Hey guys,my birthday is today.


- We report what is going on here a complete mess! Looting, violence and cannibalism! 

- Oh, my God! Do you really saw people looting, raping and devouring each other? 

- No, no! We saw nothing, we just report.


i want flawless eyebrows and $100,000

(со страницы westoftheglass)

You are my daughter, Arianne. The little girl who used to run to me when she skinned her knee.

Aiysha Hart as Arianne Martel
Alexander Siddig as Doran Martell

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between the dawn and the dusk
you were made of miracles
and you can run all you want
but in the light of the moon
the wolves will always call you back

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Sophie Turner at San Diego Comic-Con (x)

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GoT meme | Anything [4/8] → Seasons of My Love”

I loved a maid as fair as summer with sunlight in her hair.
I loved a maid as red as autumn with sunset in her hair.
I loved a maid as white as winter with moonglow in her hair.

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